Best Lottery Numbers To Pick

Best Lottery Numbers To Pick

So you want to learn how to pick lottery numbers that win. Is there a system or strategy you should follow? The answer is YES.

See, I’ve been picking lottery numbers for the past 25 years. And guess what….Since I first started playing, I lost almost $8,000,000. (That’s 8 years of big bucks lost. I know what I can afford with today’s economy, don’t I?)

Now, I don’t have 8 years of big bucks to lose. But I do have lots of little ones. And you probably have some too. It’s just we all have a tendency to bet big when we have a big win and little when we have a loss.

In the movie “Oceans 11”, there’s a clip where they show you a water tank where they’re trying to save an octopus. And they’re asking if they can save just one cent. When you think about it, you could probably save more than that.

So here’s the deal. If you want to win big, go buy an advanced lottery system that can show you how to pick lottery numbers that win. Better yet, you could just write out the lottery numbers and then put them in a notebook, or dot each one, with a Sharpie marker, and then write your lottery results somewhere like your front door, your garage, or on your bill post. (I learnt $2,000 last week from a friend marking my mail.)

Or better yet, you could do this. Roll out some dice. Pick one die from 1 through 6. Place it on the lowest number you can. Hang it there for a minute so you know it’s the right number. (I learnt $1,000 last week from a neighbour’s birthday.) Now you point to the die and say “I want to win”.

You win. That’s it. That’s how to pick lottery numbers that win.

Now, you have to pay for this. But it’s worth it. This is one of the best ways to win Pick 4. You need to spend $1.00 to play, and then $.50 for the Diamond Pick 4 Box Ticket. That’s $3.00 you can spend on 7 games instead of 6.

And you have $1,000 more in your pocket than you would have had with the regular lottery. Pick 4, if you start now, can give you many more years of easy money. This is a game that you can win, in as little as 7 draws.

How can you win a winning Pick 4 number?

The answer is simple. That’s how you use aDiamond Pick 4 System…and this system and your knowledge of how to pick lottery numbers are yours.


The idea is to use Diamond Pick 4 to your advantage…and make it work around your advantage. This involves a number selection strategy, making your own “Diamond” Pick 4 number combination, and a system to boost your chances of winning.


When playing Diamond Pick 4, you can feel assured that our winning number combinations are in balance with our playing card simulators, and that the numbers we generate ourselves are probably a majority of the winning numbers actually drawn. Our number selections are simple, so we don’t have to work with complicated math.

We simply need to determine which numbers have never been drawn, and use those numbers as our main numbers. When you play balanced number combinations, you’re working with winning number combinations that have a greater likelihood of being drawn than other numbers.

Delegating the task of finding your Diamond Pick 4 number selections to the Diamond Pick 4 Agency…and having them selected for you.

We’ve licensed this system to a third party quality assurance service. Should you have any concerns or problems with their service, your umbrella provider House of Pick will be ready to offer you a refund of your purchase price. You have no risk at all on this process.

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We’re so confident in the quality of this system we do not believe you will ever have a problem. Remember…this is a proven, statistical number combination system. It is backed up with years of data and proof. See how easy it is to learn? And, as the Internet world wide web steals our attention, we’re sure you’re wondering how we got it, but that’s history.

Used to giving free baseball picks. Now we’re giving you free baseball picks.

(Lots of cheering from people who hate their favorite teams. Needs doing, mouth watering T.V. ads, and honestly, a tiny smattering of celebrity gossip.)


Chances are, the person who started it all said “I’d rather be on a consistent winning pick” and it became an overnight gold-mine.