Four of Poker’s Nice Guys

Four of Poker's Nice Guys

Literally millions of people strive to beat the game of poker at any moment in time and for a lot of poker players finding a place at the Poker table can mean the difference between them making an easy living and them breaking into the hot seat.

Australian Joe Hachem is one of those striving poker players. On his website you can find the picture of Joe playing in a checking struggle. In the conclusion the picture is of Joe cashing in a pot. DDPoker has a picture of Joe smoking a cigar and hanging out with his arm around a beer. The poker world knows Joe, and they know he’s got attitude but they may not know that for all the seriousness of a poker game, Joe can be quite a nice guy and is quite an individual.

He has written a book called Playing Poker in High Limit Hold’em with observations about no-limit hold’em play. In the Foreword Joe writes:

“Many of you have asked how to deal and how to play no-limit hold’em. Here is the good news. No-limit hold’em can be easy to learn and easy to play. If you just keep working on your game you will be a professional poker player in no time.”

ReadingJoe’s book brings up a lot of questions. Did I mention the cigars? Joe regularly answers poker question on his website and he also offers strategy articles and private sessions with poker players that he personally defeated. I find his writing on the subject enjoyable and educational and I highly recommend that you check it out. If you buy the book you will get a free MP3 of a talk Joe gave at a tournament. In the talk Joe explains the difference between check raising and betting based on your position at the poker table.

This is a man who was beaten numerous times at the 1988 WSOP by a fellow named Mr. Ivey, and yet he is still intimidating to many players. I was one of those players. If you and I met in a poker den, Joe would probably be the first thing that would strike us and the first thing we would discuss. How is it that a guy has never won a bracelet but is still able to pile up win after win. How is it that he is still able to stand at that table and stare you down if you give him a chance? Well, I believe it is all part of his image and it is all part of his brand of intimidating, intelligent poker.

If you haven’t seen the movie, you should really watch it. It is an excellent movie, hands down. There are a lot of poker scenes in this movie that made my skin crawl, so I recommend seeing the movie to others. In the DVD, there is a lot of great material about how poker is really played. Joe especially likes to share with the hosts of the Tour what the best hands are. He and other pros will tell you what they think the other players have, what they think the best flops are, and what they think the turn and river cards will be.

I was a fan of the movie and wondered why Joe would put a poker scene in his film. I believe that it was seen as the main Fight Crack Bolagila scene. The movie is not all that serious and has a few lighter moments. There is also a lighter triumph at the movie’s conclusion with a dinner scene and a wholehearted cheer from theotes raising the beer bottle.

The other commentary on the DVD is excellent. The folks at were really nice and helpful. The bonus feature is available if you request it. The entire shooting of the movie can be viewed online.

This is one of those movies that I always remember. Maybe it is the great actors. Maybe it is the great Written by a guy that once won thelfight at the Oscars.