Realistic Home About the Game

Realistic Home About the Game

Who in their right mind would quit a winning streak that has lasted more than 100 games? For most it would be an impossible decision and in all honesty, it’s not really that easy to do. For the astute bettor, though, there is another approach. It’s the “If / Re-Match / Don’t Go” philosophy.

This is the same concept that sports gamblers are using more and more as the NFL season approaches. The basic premise is fairly simple and it goes like something like this:

A certain NFL team has a record ofcoincident with another certain NFL team. Such team wins and you pay winnings based on the simple premise that said team will win another game. Simple as that. If they don’t, you lose the money you wagered and the game you played. The co- incidence of the “if” part covering the “why” is relatively simple. If a certain team wins a game, logically they would not lose the next game and therefore a consecutive string of wins would take place providing the gambler a lot of money.

When betting against a team that is + history, the streaks are more difficult to hit. The players may be on a hot streak themselves but betting the other way around a team that is + history is more challenging and money loses to a greater degree.

  • recreations of winning this trend are few and far between and it is on the gamblers part to know when to quit.

Another factor to consider in the + recreation of winning NFL betting string is the momentum of the teams at the beginning of the season. More veteran teams are generally not as good as the young counterparts. As we enter the latter part of the season, this trend is even more forefront.

All teams will have roughly 80-90 games during the season. If you can get a hold on winning half of those games, you are almost guaranteed to end up in the money during the season.

One particular strategy to get you started on the right track has been using the 10 or 11 team parlay. The reason for this is that more than half of the winning a certain game will by a 11 or 10 team parlay. About 70% of the time, the loser of the game will be the home underdog of the +11 to +10 teams, if you are looking for the money.

The negative side of the 10 or 11 team parlay is that for you “to break even” in the ncaa tournament, you need a winning cash-1 point cover the spread. There are no points scored on the road. therefore, you need to win nearly every game on the road to be profitable. Keep this in mind as you plan your strategies for the mid stretch of the tournament or the pro’s final 40 ranked seed.

Another angle is teasers. Most sportsbooks will have a teasers play option. This will take the betting excitement of betting 2 or 3 games spread out in a manner that is seamless to your sportsbook. For instance, if you bet $11.00 on a -10 point teaser and the favorite team wins by less than 10 points, you will win the second bet at the sportsbook, thus a total of $26.00 to get you a total of $52.00. On the other hand, if the underdog wins by 10 points or more, you will lose the second bet for the same total amount of money. Losing the teaser bet is not the end of the world if you win your first bet as you can still win if your underdog covers the spread.

Smart sports bettors realize that it’s the 11-1 odds or more that pay big dividends. The only reason you would want to bet the dog is if you believe they have a better chance to cover the spread. Don’t be mesmerized by the payout – 1-5-0 odds or even 1-1 odds. This approach can only lead to frustration and disappointment if you miss the dog by the score or lose the bet by knocking on the door too early.

Timing your bet.Timing the bet is a large part of making money at betting on sports. Your going to want to bet the dog in the most advantageous position possible. The favorite dog will take a shorter overall odds to win the game. Be sure to shop around sports books and take advantage of getting great odds when betting the dog. Hanson, Cassel, Fey and Azar all benefited from betting on the dog and if you will, consider implementing this approach as well.

Choosing the type of bet. Depending on the sports book, you can bet almost anything under the sun. You are the master of your chosen field and can pick the 11-1 odds if you like the look of a certain team. You can also bet the over/under of the Rtp Live Pragmatic Play.